WonOver Services

Photography, 360 Virtual Tours, and More!



(includes both standard photos and drone photos)


  • Still photos and drone photos.
  • Multiple exterior photos of a home's front, back, and garage.
  • At least two photos of every room in the house.
  • Photos of interior and exterior features like a dock, out building, a nearby park, antique fixtures, appliances, etc.
  • Views from the land as well as the air.
  • Branded and unbranded web site.
  • Sky replacement to guarantee a nice day.
  • Fireplace flames and television images added where appropriate or requested.

Drone-Only Photography


  • Multiple exterior photos of a home's front, back, and garage.
  • Photos of features like a dock, out building, a nearby park, lakes, neighborhood, etc.
Twin Cities 360 Tours for Real Estate

Matterport 3D Tour


  • A full three-dimensional scan of every room in a house.
  • A front and back 360 Photo of the house.
  • A full scan of any outbuildings and a 360 Photo of any exterior features such as lakefront/dock.
  • "Dollhouse" view of entire property.
  • Floor Plan with measurements.

WonOver Package


All of the above services:

  • Photographs
  • Drone Photography
  • Matterport 3D Tour
  • Branded and unbranded web sites
  • Floorplans with measurements
Lakeshore Drone Photo

We shoot, develop, and deliver 7 days a week! Contact Us about special projects or if you have any questions.

Travel policy: Anything within 100 miles of Interstate 35 is included in the pricing here. $1/mile round trip charged outside of that boundary.

Land Package


  • Regular and drone photographs of land only.
virtual staging example of a living room

Virtual Staging

$20 per image

We will take an empty room and make it look furnished and beautiful. Same price whether we are working with our own photos or someone else's.

Real Estate Drone Photography of Minneapolis St Paul

Drone Video


A video with music and text callouts using the drone footage of a property.

  • $180 with the order of any of the above packages.
  • $250 as a stand-alone service.
Twin Cities Real Estate Videos

Preview Video


A one-minute video that displays video of both interior and exterior features. These videos include text and music.

  • $150 if ordered with any of the above package.
  • $250 as a stand-alone service.

Virtual Twilight PHotos


These are photos where we take the original exterior that we or anyone else has taken and use our software to make it look like a twilight photo.




We will create a full floor plan, including an attached garage, with measurements. If not included in one of the above services, we charge $40 for this as a stand-alone add-on service.

Twin Cities Real Estate Videos

Showing Video


A video that follows the Realtor throughout the property as if doing an actual showing. These videos incorporate drone video shots, still shots and all other footage collected above as well as footage collected during the shoot with the Realtor. These videos include text and music and generally are around two minutes in length.

  • $350 if ordered with any of the above package.
  • $450 as a stand-alone service.
Tree Lined Driveway of a Home

Exterior Stills Seasonal Update


This usually consists of 6-8 exteriors with the standard camera and another 3-5 with the drone camera.


Twilight Photos


We go out to the property and shoot still at twilight

  • Usually includes 3 exteriors.